The Tacit Turn

The Tacit Turn

The Tacit Turn is Rachel Zylstra, Russ Wedelich and Alex Paul. Innovative drummer/vocalist, geneticist-by-day (and songwriter in his own right) Alex Paul came to start playing with RZ in 2011 in a series of intimate weekend afternoon shows at New York City's beloved downtown music venue Rockwood Music Hall, relieving RZ of  a compulsive tendency to always write sweeping percussive piano accompaniments. A year later, Eventide DSP engineer and experimental effects-savvy bassist Russ Wedelich, having both heard this music and thought to himself, "this needs bass," offered to join "RZ + Band" for the sold-out release show of RZ's album Strings, and in doing so successfully, was met with the consensus that yes, that did need bass. Officially a trio since 2014, The Tacit Turn voices the wry wistful depth of RZ's music and lyrics while playing up its darker and edgier tones. 

In 2015, The Tacit Turn 2015 recorded full length album, sound engineered by Justin Milner (Strings) and David Brenneman (Before You Could Decide). It was released as a Rachel Zylstra record, entitled The Tacit Turn, on global digital platforms October 15th, 2015. Roots music authority No Depression acclaimed the album as "stories that meld old soul and new learning... of youthful dilemma... of a gorgeous mistake." (Read full review.)

Since their October 22nd album release concert back at NYC's Rockwood, The Tacit Turn is on hiatus while Rachel tours the country solo and all three focus on other projects and personal commitments. Reunion in 2016? Anything can happen. 

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+ Band

Pre-Tacit Turn, a rotating ensemble of talented players joined RZ in concert by the collective name "RZ + Band." 

Some have moved away and some have become immersed in other artistic opportunities. They have each played crucial roles in the evolution of RZ's live performances, contributed great musicality and energy, and are liable to make special appearances in the future.

Justin Depuydt - accordion, piano, musical direction

Matt Gelfer - multi-instrumentalist; arranger of strings on Strings (2012); founding and current member of The New Students

Mollie (McComb) Horne - supporting vocals

Alex Paul - drums, supporting vocals; current member of The Tacit Turn [check out Alex's solo work]

Russ Wedelich - bass, effects; current member of The Tacit Turn

Gregory K. Williams - viola [visit Greg's artist page]

Paul Wolfram - cello [visit Paul's website]


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