"Piano-based stories that meld old soul and new learning… youthful dilemma, sage script, grey areas, and candid observation. Stories… of a gorgeous mistake." No Depression {Link to article}

"A classically trained pianist with a weakness for Radiohead, Rachel Zylstra brings to mind Ben Folds with a sultry edge. Her songs are smoky, sweet, and verbose (in the best ways)" {Link to article}

"Zylstra’s yearning voice and melodic piano dance across each string... in a ballet of poetry and prose." Verbicide Magazine {Link to article}

"As bad as things were, as much as life hurtled unstoppable from a bridge into the Hudson, even though shadows seemed to grow as time went on, in this, right now, the warm sun at the window, the inspirational voice, the powerful piano, the Brooklyn apartment, and even the red feline, there was a small refuge, a wink of hope, that despite everything, in the future beauty could still exist." Revista AntropikA {Link to article}



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